One of the first steps in a post production digital workflow is the uploading of assets to a shared space, so others can begin their tasks asap. The iBox provides multiple ways to expedite the upload process so work can beign immediatley.

Browser / Desktop

- Drag and drop uploads from any web browser or from iBox's LiveUpload desktop tool. (Files, Folders, Zips)


- Shoot live to any iBox project folder, so your users can watch images appear, live, while they are being shot. Enabling remote art direction, live event workflows or simply the ability to begin the editing / approval process while the shoot is in progress.

Any file type

- Upload any file type (Including: JPG, Tif, PSD, Layered, PDF, Multipage PDF, Raw, Video, Audio, Doc, etc...)
(Previews are made for most popular file types. (Contact support if you have a file type or preview you need help with))

Convert to preview before upload

- When uploading with Live-Upload, you have the option to upload your original file or for Live-Upload to create a preview and upload the preview only. Save valuable time by using Live-Upload to auto-generate previews that can be quickly uploaded.
(This is a great help when you have many gigabytes to upload, but you really want your collaboration processes to begin now. Instead of waiting for slow internet speeds to upload your many gigabytes, you can have the Live-Upload previews up on your site right away, enabling your workflow to continue immediately. Later, when you have the time, you can upload your Originals to replace the Previews, as / if needed, and all edits, approvals and metadata are retained.)

Hot folder monitoring & ingest

- Drag & Drop files to a Hot Folder on your desktop, for automatic uploading to your iBox project folders.
(Using LiveShoot to monitor folders, you can also upload originals or auto-generated previews)

Upload to the iBox as fast as your internet connection will allow.
The iBox system can receive uploads at speeds up to 100mbps (equivalent to 12.5 megabytes per second)

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