Once images, video, audio and other assets have been uploaded, the online collaboration process begins. And usually needs to be done yesterday :-). The iBox provides simple online asset collaboration, to help expedite your workflows.


- Review your assets online from anywhere in the world, via web browser, and begin the collaborative process. Navigate quickly using your keyboard's arrow keys to view thumbnails, large previews and x-large previews. Invite other users to review via project folders or Lightboxes, controlling what they can see and do with grainular user permissions.


- Select assets rapidly by simply pressing your keyboard's space-bar. Selected assets can be Approved, Ranked, or added to an Edit Lightbox.


- Approve assets (Any file type) indivudually or batch, using your custom Approval options. Set up to 10 custom Approval terms and colors to represent your ideal approval options, statuses, ranks, etc... View other's approvals & filter by approval type help speed the collaborative approval process so you complete your workflow more efficiently.


- Apply the full range of Adobe's XMP metadata to individual or batch assests. Rapidly apply keywords with the iBox Quick-Tag metadata tools. Save metadata templates from any number of selected XMP fields, to standardize and expedite future metadata application.


- Enjoy the power & convenience of mobile collaboration, with no app download. (Review, Edit, Approve, Metadata, etc..., all via any mobile device)

Retouch Notes

- View and mark-up images (including PDF) at full-res, online, via any web browser. Draw on the image, place text marker notes or set visual crop marks to easily collaborate in real time. Print Retouch Notes to PDF to collaborate offline, via hard copy.

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